Anthony J. Gray has spent over two decades working in law and finance, and brings commitment, diligence, and a variety of perspectives to his work in real-estate development. Along with his experience as a transactional attorney and an investment manager, Mr. Gray brings insights from serving on planning and zoning commissions, zoning board of appeals, and as economic development commissioner for Hartford, CT. 

Gray holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Connecticut, a Master's from Yale University, and a law degree from the University of Wisconsin Law School.

M. Luke Samalya brings an eclectic background to his work in the real estate development industry. Holding a bachelor's degree from Le Moyne College and a master's degree from Marquette University, he began his development career by evaluating the housing needs of vulnerable and at-risk members of the community.


Building on these skills, Mr. Samalya's subsequent work has given him knowledge of property evaluation and real estate sales. His consultancy experience has provided strong value for his partners, which include the Milwaukee Police Department, R.G.Associates, and Hutchings Psychiatric Center.


As a graduate of the Associate in Commercial Real Estate (ACRE) program, Mr. Samalya currently works as a passionate member of the real estate development community, with knowledge of both commercial and residential developments.  

Nicole Robbins brings a strong analytical mind and community-oriented philosophy to the Austringer team. A current Probate Court Commissioner in Milwaukee County, she previously ran Robbins Law Group, LLC, where she focused on probate, administrative, and regulatory questions. She is a 2006 graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School, and earned a B.S. in Business Administration from Marquette in 2003. As her attentions began turning to real estate management and community development, she successfully completed the ACRE course in Spring, 2015. She lives in Milwaukee.


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